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Strategic Processes

4d offer a staged consulting service defined through strategic assessment of the brief.

Project Analysis / Research / Brief Creation
4d research & analyse project options before creative avenues are explored.

Concept Design
The parameters for all projects are merged by an integrated project team, establishing notions which form the basis of design development.

Design Development
All forms of project are refined from the concept to meet budget & detail parameters.

The resolved final design is made ready for the process of production or construction. Integrated information flow between disciplines assists in the management of timing, budget & design harmony.

Tender / Costing
Documents are put to Contractors for pricing within the guidelines defined during the previous stages of the design/procurement process. Prices are reviewed & summarised for client selection.

Administration / Inspections / Reviews
The agreed contract works are assessed periodically or at the request of interested parties. Inspections, reviews & responses are provided throughout this stage to ensure the design intent & other project parameters are maintained.